greyscale portrait of Łukasz Langa

RPLKTR (pron. "replicator") is the solo project of Łukasz Langa, a musician and software engineer creating spacious intellectual exercises in sound.

Often working with synthesizers he builds himself, he takes inspiration from Trent Reznor, Brian Eno, and Dave Brubeck, among others. His music often employs unusual time signatures and lush wide atmospherics contrasted with clear and direct leads and percussion.

RPLKTR is a moniker adopted to underline the immersion of the artist in a time and place: never creating in isolation, but rather as a function of what surrounds them. Langa considers produced art pieces to be snapshots of the mind, and as such art creation a form of replication, a concept central to Richard Dawkins' "Selfish Gene". RPLKTR can be thought of as well as "that which produces replicas", and evokes vague associations with Blade Runner.