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Places: FM Ambient

This EP uses Polyend Medusa’s digital FM synth engine to channel a unique combination of nostalgia, yearning, and calm focus. Featuring a single synthesizer, “Places” presents a variety of sounds that aim to be neither retro nor futuristic. Instead, it hopes to present itself as timeless: an artifact from a gap year when the world stood still.

Late Night Coding

A subdued single heralding an ambient EP produced entirely using a single hardware digital FM synthesizer, the Polyend Medusa. The B side is a remaster from my back catalog.

The Last Circle of Hell - Ptolomea

Through friends I learned of “Cities and Memory” and a project they announced for the 700th anniversary of Dante’s Inferno to create a soundtrack for it. I decided to participate.

Westworld Scoring Competition

Spitfire Audio, a well-known British sample library creator, teamed up with the producers of Westworld organizing a competition to score a scene from Season 3 of the show. I entered, without success.


Between the motion and the act falls the Shadow.


Efficiency burns you out.

The Detached Observer

Total banishment of self-reference.


Behind every successful trick is a period of near-constant failure.

You Catch It Breathing

Self-reflection goes beyond observation.


The fact is, right now, you’re not special.


A study of bass in long exposures. A communion with emptiness in poignant tranquility.


Even the optimal algorithm doesn’t guarantee a perfect outcome.


Perhaps we just live in a nightmarish arms race.


Each disagreement stands alone.

Please Wait

Everything is broken and that’s okay.


The distance between us is growing.


The long tail of the unknown.


Weakness, ambition, inner conflict.


Ultimately, what is there?


Something is not quite right here.


Released back in 2015 under Łukasz Langa’s given name, “recall” is spiritually the beginning of the RPLKTR project. It’s a carefully crafted ambient soundscape that rewards attention but does not require it.

Anomalies: Improvised Works 2007-2014

Ranging between laid-back coffee table jazz, powerful metal-inspired riffs and glacial ambient, this careful selection from seven years’ worth of solo piano improvisation recordings is a journey of contrasts.

Lifeline (36 floors mix)

After Duncan Patterson moved on from Anathema and later Antimatter, he formed a band called “Alternative 4”, a spiritual continuation of the Anathema album of the same name he mostly wrote. Since that album meant a lot to me in my teenage years, I was thrilled to be involved in the “Lifeline” remix.

Lethal Blow Soundtrack

In April 2013 I created the soundtrack for an indie game “Lethal Blow”, submitted for the Ludum Dare #26 competition.


In 2010 I met Mick Moss, the founder of the UK dark rock band Antimatter. I prepared a rework of “Epitaph”, a popular track of theirs for their anthology “Alternative Matter”.

Abandoner (Danse Macabre Mix)

I took part in a remix competition organized by KScope to remix the track “Abandoner”, from Steven Wilson’s first solo album “Insurgentes”. My remix won and got released on the “NSRGNTS RMXS” album, alongside members of King Crimson, TV On The Radio, and Engineers.