Main Menu

This piece could easily belong in a ‘90s-style video game. In fact, the structure of “Main Menu” was specifically chosen with this use in mind. The tune was composed on the Dirtywave M8 Tracker, another vintage-inspired piece of tech. The B side is a remaster from my back catalog, a pair of analog Moog synthesizers dismantled and reassembled digitally with chiptune-like loop glitches.


1. Main Menu 4:44
2. Outrage 4:53


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Liner Notes

Recorded using MOTU Ultralite AVB, produced in Ableton Live.

Press any key to continue.

108bpm, C-minor, 4/4
Produced by Łukasz Langa in Poland, late 2021.


Somehow we manage to make everything into an arms race.

72bpm, C-minor, 4/4
Originally composed by Łukasz Langa in California, May 2016. Remastered and remixed in Poland, late 2021.

Item #: DIVZERO5