Released back in 2015 under Łukasz Langa’s given name, “recall” is spiritually the beginning of the RPLKTR project. It’s a carefully crafted ambient soundscape that rewards attention but does not require it.

Produced to let the listener focus on the task at hand, yet composed to work as a standalone piece of art, telling its story when you’re ready to hear it.


1. return 6:11
2. retry 4:07
3. relate 9:27
4. reduce 2:59
5. replace 5:34
6. refocus 4:58
7. recover 9:52


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Liner notes

Album produced by Łukasz Langa.
All tracks composed, performed and recorded by Łukasz Langa.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is not.”
— Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Special thanks to: Magdalena Langa, David Soria Parra, Gil Fronsdal, William Grant & Sons Ltd. and Yamaha Corporation.

All tracks recorded and produced in British Columbia and the San Francisco Bay Area. Gear used: Yamaha CP300, PreSonus Firepod FP10, MXL 770, Spiral Ear 5‑way ULT, Apple Logic Pro X, Pianoteq 5.

Album art by Magdalena Langa.

Item #: DIVZERO2